Perspektif ICECRD Vol. 11 No. 1, 2012

Artikel Jambu Mete Artikel Kapas Artikel Kelapa Perspektif


  1. Strategies and Implementation of Development of Future Coconut Products; (ABNER LAY and PATRIK M. PASANG}; {.pdf 358 KB }
  2. The Role of Parasitoids and Predators for Controlling Cotton Leafhopper Amrasca Biguttula (Ishida) (Heteroptera: Ciccadelidae); (NURINDAH); {.pdf 289 KB}
  3. Development Of Seeds Industry Of Cashew; (YULIUS FERRY) ; {.pdf 401 KB }
  4. Prospect Of Essential Oils Developed As Botanical Pesticides; (SRI YUNI HARTATI); {.pdf 389 KB }
  5. Potential Of Superior Variety Kemiri Sunan As Resources For Biodiesel Material; (SYAFARUDDIN dan AGUS WAHYUDI); {.pdf 439 KB

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