Domestic Sugar Availability Perspective And National Sugar Self-Sufficiency

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PLANTATION PUBLICATIONS – This article aims to review the perspective of domestic sugar availability and national sugar self-sufficiency. The results of the review show that the existence of sugar as one of the basic needs of the Indonesian people is faced with the gap between production (2.5 million tons / year) and consumption (5.7 million). tonnes / year), so that Indonesia has to import imported sugar of 3.2 million tons per year. During the last five years (2011-2015), the growth rate of sugar imports (3.42% / year) was higher than the growth rate of consumption (3.19% / year), productivity (3.01% / year), and production (2.27% / year).

In order to anticipate this condition, the government has drawn up a road map to increase production with a target of sugar self-sufficiency. For this reason, a comprehensive solution is needed in overcoming sugar problems starting from the cultivation aspect in the upstream part, the processing aspect in the middle part, to the marketing aspect in the downstream part. Coordination, participation and cooperation between relevant stakeholders are absolutely necessary while eliminating sectoral egos on each party. The goal is to support domestic sugar availability and national sugar self-sufficiency. (Anjas)

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