Problems In The Development And Innovation Of Ecology-Based Nutmeg Cultivation Technology

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PLANTATION PUBLICATIONS – Nutmeg ( Myristica fragrans HOUTT) is one of Indonesia’s spice plants. The economic value of the nutmeg plant is fruit, seeds and mace. In addition, through the distillation process essential oils are produced. The increasing need for products from the nutmeg plant and as a source of foreign exchange has made the nutmeg plant one of the plants that needs attention. However, in its development there are several problems. The problems with nutmeg to date are low production and quality. The low production and quality, if left unchecked, will lead to low competitiveness and value added of Indonesian nutmeg. The cause of low production is inadequate crop management and sex ratio problems, while the quality of Indonesian nutmeg is caused by the mixing of various types of nutmeg and the presence of aflatoxins. To overcome this problem, various efforts are needed. Efforts that can be made are to improve existing cultivation technology, based on site-specific ecological conditions ranging from land and climate suitability conditions, variety selection (superior varieties) and crop management (planting, maintenance to harvest and post-harvest). This paper discusses efforts to improve ecology-based technology needed to support the development of nutmeg in Indonesia.

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