In Vitro Multiplication of Patchouli uses Alternative Primary Medium

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ESTATE CROPS INFO –  The quality of seeds are very  important in patchoulli cultivation. Cutting multiplication seeds are usually easy in transmitting diseases and relatively need a long time to grow. So far patchouli seeds  obtained conventionally with cutting has some constraints, hence tissue culture techniques becomes the solution once. The success of propagation and breeding of plants with tissue culture methods in patchouly is already conducted but is still expensive to be implemented. The paper review patchouli tissue culture propagation  by replacing basic media MS (murashige-skoog, Growth Regulating Substances (GRS) and vitamine with alternate  basic medium and 10% coconut water Coconut water is one of several natural complex compounds that are often used in tissue culture. The alternative medium as leaf fertilizer can serve as a micro and macro nutrient provider with composition N: P: K (20:20:20). Hopefully, It could become the solution to make tissue culture of patchoulli seeds cheaper and more available. Actually, eventhough the overall substitution of MS medium with full alternative media has already used in limited areas, it has not able yet  showing equal results with the use of basic medium MS media in tissue culture patchouli multiplication. Therefore, the researches on patchouli tissue culture should be continued to achieve the huge number, healthy, unity, and unexpensive seeds.

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