Role and Management of Sugarcane Nitrogen Nutrient to Increase Productivity

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Estate Crops News – Efforts to increase sugarcane productivity requires sugarcane with high sucrose yielding potency completed by proper cultivation method. Effective and efficient N management require on understanding physiological role and its responses. 

This review is aimed to discuss research findings and its implication on nutrient absorption and uptake, reduction, and amino acid biosynthesis, responses and N effects and its interaction, and supply aspect such as dossage, application method in relation to productivity and sucrose content to increase sugarcane productivity and its sucrose content. Through this review will be gotten proper N management to increase sugar productivity. Nitrate uptake needs energy and nitrate reductase. It is not for ammonium, but it need excess availability promoted toxicity., Nitrate will be reduced in roots or leaves to be ammonium, and then utilize for amino acid synthesis. Nitrogen enters to plants through fertilizer as nitrate or ammonium with other ion in fertilizer such as sulphate ammonium, chlorida ammonium, nitrate ammonium, nitrate calsium, and also urea. Proper N application wiil raise vegetative growth (LAI and tillering), photoshynthetic rate, flowering delay, lodging, and productivity rise. Response on N depend on N form and its pairs. N fertilizer dosage lower than 150 kg N/ha recomended once, at early growth phase, but dossage the higher one, supplemental application at 3 months. Right N dossage is significantly increasing sugarcane productivity, but its effect on sucrose content generally is not significantly.

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