In Vitro Assembling of Sugarcane Varieties Tolerant to Wet Climate

Artikel Tebu Inovasi Teknologi Produk Inovasi

ESTATE CROPS INOVATION– In vitro culture could assemble new varieties. One method of in vitro culture, which is effective and efficient way to assemble high yielding varieties, is through in vitro selection, in which the desired new properties have been directed since there are cultured.

To get a new genotype that is tolerant to wet climate, somatic cell populations that have been irradiated by gamma rays or added with chemical mutagen EMS were cultured in vitro conditions in very high humidity. Combination of both physical and chemical mutation by in vitro selection can further improve the high genetic diversity in somatic cells.

Regeneration of somatic cells. Soma clone then tested both in the greenhouse or the field until the M2 generation to be known as the desired agronomic characters and yield of sugar.

Assembling sugarcane varieties tolerant wet climate through in vitro selection showed that the rate of callus formation and regeneration of PS 864 varieties is greater than that of Bululawang. Mutation induction by gamma ray irradiation, LD50 dose obtained in the range of doses of 20-30 Gy. Meanwhile, percentage of regenerating of PS 864 callus after gamma ray irradiation treatment and immersion in liquid media is greater than that of the Bululawang. The higher the gamma-ray irradiation dose given and the time of immersion of callus in liquid medium, the lower regeneration of callus and number of shoots obtained.

Mutations induced by EMS found that treatment with 1% EMS for 5 hours of soaking time showed that there are opportunities to get LD50. Ability to form callus and regenerate shoots after EMS treatment is varies.

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