Fire Wound Disease (Sporisorium Scitamineum) Sugarcane Plants

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ICECRD INFO – This disease is a systemic disease. Control efforts in the form of providing disease-free planting material as well as reducing inoculum sources and preventing transmission are needed. One of the sources of inoculum suppression can be done by immersing the planting material. This immersion treatment can be in the form of hot water 52oC for 30 minutes or by immersion in a fungicide solution with active ingredients propiconazole and captafol. Garden sanitation efforts from diseased plants can suppress disease transmission and prevent planting material that contains fungi.

Apart from these two methods, the assembly of resistant sugarcane varieties is an effective way to control this disease. This method has been widely used in various sugarcane producing countries such as China, Australia, America and Brazil. Several studies have shown that wild relatives of sugarcane such as Saccharum spontaneum or glagah and Erianthus spp. It has resistance to this disease. Crossing sugarcane with some of its wild relatives has the potential to produce resistant varieties. (Anjas)

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