Sugarcane Productivity and Yield Increased with Sprouting Physiological Engineering

Inovasi Tebu Inovasi Teknologi

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) was one of the strategic commodity, because it was used as raw material for various industries such as sugar, ethanol, amino acids, organic acids and foodstuffs. Therefore, development and improvement of productivity programs became the priority.

One of the efforts to boost the production and yield of sugarcane could be done through optimization of budding, ie by adjusting the balance of hormones auxin and cytokini. Hormone regulation could eliminate apical dominance and initiated lateral buds, there by incrasing the number of tillers of sugarcane.

This was evidence in the addtion of cytokines (BAP:kinetin) 0.5 to1.5 mg/l in vitro showed shoot multiplication by 3.5 to 11 shoots of sugarcane. Regulation of apical dominance could be done with growth inhibitor (retardants) such as glyphosate and paraquat with sublethal doses. External factors such as light intensity, temperature, watering, fertilization and seed selection into a budding optimization success.

The success of budding optimization was expected to be produced uniformity of plant growth and reduce bull shoot formation, eficiency of seeds, maintained and improved the productivity and logging time of sugarcane and intercroppping pattern development.

Download full text: perkebunan_Ahmad-Peningkatan1.pdf

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