Increasing Lemon grass Herb Yield and Quality Through Nitrogen Addition

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Estate Crops News – The role of nitrogen in the process of  photosynthesis is very important. It affects the growth, development and yield, especially leaves. Lemon grass produces citronella oil that contained in the leaves. One of the efforts to increase leaves yield  is by application of N fertilizer.

The aims of this research were to obtain optimal N dosage to improve herbage yield and quality of lemon grass. The research was conducted in Manoko Research Station, Lembang West Java from April -December2014. Using randomized block design, with 4 replicates and 6 treatments. The treatments consisted of 0; 2,3;4,6;6,9;9,2 and 11,5 g N/plant. Lemon grass used from G3 accession. Parameters observed included plant growth (height and number of tillers), yield (fresh and dry herbs weight, and oil yield), and quality (yield, oil and citronella content). The results showed that N application significantly increased the growth, yield, and quality of lemon grass. Application of 4,6 g N/plant of N was optimum dosage for plant height and tiller number, total yield of herbage fresh weight (2904.46 g/plant) and leaves dry weight (1574.83 g/plant), yield (1.55%), oil content (2.06%), citronella content (41.59%). The best yield of citronella was obtained from aplplication of 6,9 g N/plant.

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