Improvement of Cane Yield and Sugar Yield of Sugarcane (Sacharrum officinarum) Through Maintaining Ratoon

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Estate Crops News – The level of sugarcane yield in dry land or rainfed generally still low at 40 to 50 tons per hectare. Farmers prefer maintenance of sugarcane than unloading ratoon cane (RC). This can be understood because unloading RC requires high cost, especially in the purchase of seed cane and tillage. Approach through maintaining ratoon techniques are expected to increase production and sugar yield.  

The research purposes to obtain cane  yield  and  sugar  yield  RC  optimally  with  maintaining  ratoon techniques  in  dry  land. Research  has  conducted  in  the  Ngimbang, Lamongan district from June 2013 until August 2014. Sugarcane varieties used PS 862 (early ripening) belong to farmers. The study compiled by randomized block design (RBD) and repeated 3 times. The treatment consisted of 1). Replanting; 2). Off barring; 3). Organic fertilizer; 4). Maintaining 10 plants/m; 5). Giving PGR; 6). The package of (1+2); 7). The package of (1+2+3); 8). The package of (1+2+3+4); 9). The package of (1+2+3+4+5); and 10). Control. The results showed that the complete treatment of maintaining ratoon (replanting, off barring, organic fertilizer, maintaining 10 plants/m and PGR) obtained the highest value on the high-growth parameters include 304.67 cm and a diameter of 3.16 cm, while the production parameters include the stalk number 5.73 stalk/m, stalk weight 1.29 kg/stalk, and stalk length 264.11 cm. Maintaining ratoon could gave the best cane yield and sugar yield than ratoon plants without maintaining ratoon cane with an increase of cane yield 16.20 tons/ha (32.14%) and an increase of sugar yield 1.38% (25.60%). Maintaining on ratoon cane 4th on rainfed significantly increase the production of sugarcane per hectare although not linear with increasing sugar yield.

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