Assessment Of Public Information Disclosure Ranking Of The Ministry Of Agriculture In 2021

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

The Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ISMCRI) as one of the UPTs within the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development was nominated for the top 12 in the Public Information Disclosure Ranking for the echelon 3 category of the Ministry of Agriculture. Head of (ISMCRI, Dr. Evi Savitri Eriana and the team conducted an interview on the Public Information Disclosure Ranking conducted by the Main PPID of the Ministry of Agriculture (20/8/21). The jury judged 3 people, namely Agus Wijayanto Nugroho from the Central Information Commission of the Republic of Indonesia (KIP RI), Astrid D. Meliala from the Central Information Commission and Tya Tirtasari from the Expert Staff of the Central Information Commission.

Disclosure of public information is a means of optimizing public oversight of state administration and public agencies. Everyone has the right to obtain public information by seeing and knowing and getting a copy because now we are in a digital era based on information technology.

It is hoped that through the Public Information Disclosure Ranking interview, the (ISMCRI can get the maximum score. And in the future it can improve the quality of information disclosure, be responsible for better storage, documentation, provision and service of public information. (ANJAS)

Source: Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants ((ISMCRI)

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