Endurance Testing of Sugarcane Clones

Artikel Tebu Inovasi Tebu Inovasi Teknologi

ESTATE CROPS INNOVATION- Testing resistance to disease clones of sugarcane streak mosaic is one of the technological innovation research activities of Center for Estate Crops Research and Development in the Fiscal Year 2011. Streak mosaic is a new disease in sugarcane plantations in Indonesia with the distribution is quite broad, especially in Java. The disease is caused by Sugarcane streak mosaic virus (SCSMV).Control recommendations are limited to the use of healthy seeds and plant restrictions of resistant clones/ varieties such as PS 864 variety. Based on field observations the variety indicated vulnerable to the disease.

Planting resistant varieties is an effective way of controlling, but information about the resistance of varieties not yet exists. In order to overcome the problem, sugarcane clones for resistance testing streak mosaic disease has been performed in Bugul Garden, Field Experimental Garden of P3GI in Makati. A total of 30 clones of sugarcane varieties / clones of superior commercial varieties collection of the removable/ non-commercial superior clones and clones were tested to SCSMV.

The results showed that of 30 clones tested there is nothing classified as highly resistant. There are 6 clones classified as resistant, 11 clones were classified as intermediate resistant, 8 and 5 clones were classified as susceptible and so vulnerable. The resistant clones were PS 851, BL, GMP 1, VMC 76-16, PS 04-526 and PS 06-181. The intermediate resistant clones were PS 862, PS 882, 901 PSBM, Kidang Kencana, Kentung, PS 951, 902 PSCO, PS 92-750, VMC 73-229, PS 05-130 and PS 06-155.

Meanwhile, the susceptible clones are PS 863, PS 865, PS 881, PS 921, 941 PSJT, GMP 2, PS 05-317 and PS 06-346. The highly susceptible clones were PS 92-752, PS 05-382, PS 06-156, PS 06-196 and PS 06-326.

Image. Streak mosaic symptoms on leaves (left), healthy leaf (right).

Image. Test results of electrophoresis of RT-PCR test SCSMV of several clones tested.


DNA Ladder;
Control -;
Control + (PS 864);
PS 862;
Golden deer;
PS 881;

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