Utilisation of citronella Oil as Fuel Bio-additive

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Anxiety further depletion of reserves of energy sources of fuel oil (BBM) is currently haunting the world community. It is because of diminishing availability of energy sources, while its use continues to increase along with increased industrial activity, number of vehicles, as well as other activities that continue to run throughout human civilization.

To reduce use of fossil fuels, national energy policy targets in the year 2000-2025 amounting to 5% of national energy needs should be met through the use of bio fuels as a new energy.The use of bio fuels is an alternative replacement / substitution of the most promising energy. This source of energy is based on non-fossil with a number of advantages of easily produced and ise renewable while to the pollution is not harmful.

According to the IMF, the increase in demand for bio fuel raw materials of 15-30% to give effect to the increase in global food. So the use of bio fuels should not use the basic ingredients that also serve as food.

One of many solutions for oil fuel savings is the use of an additive as a substance added to fuel oil (BBM). Aim of this additive is to improve or enhance the combustion performance of internal combustion engine of combustion chamber. Therefore, power generated becomes greater, and the usage of fuel volume per unit time mileage or fuel consumption is less.

Some examples of commonly used additives include antiknock Metallic compound is a material that contains metals, among which are tetra ethyl lead (TEL) with chemical formula Pb (C2H5) 4, tetra methyl lead (TML) with the formula Pb (CH3) 4, metilcyclopentadienyl manganestricarbonyl (MMT) rumus kimianya adalah CH3C5H4Mn(CO)3.”>metilcyclopentadienyl manganestricarbonyl (MMT) is the chemical formula CH3C5H4Mn (CO) 3.

TEL is antiknock that contain lead (Pb) is a heavy liquid, as well as the TML, which can dissolve in gasoline and serves to increase the number octane. But this type of additive is becoming obsolete because the content of Pb metal and will cause the exhaust gas that is toxic, as well as the MMT.



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