The Usage of Plastic Film for Kopyor Coconut Packaging

Artikel Kelapa Berita Perkebunan

Estate Crops News – Kopyor coconut contains important nutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fatty acids. During storage kopyor coconut is easily suffered damage, because of oxidizing and fat hydrolysis processes. The processes cause kopyor coconut suffered rancidity and color change from white to brownish-yellow. Packaging kopyor coconut with plastic film and keep it in a cool temperature could overcome this problem.

The results showed that the type of plastic film packaging PA at storage temperature 5 + 2 oC is effective in maintaining the quality of kopyor coconut up to six days, as evidenced by the low total microbe, TBA, and ALB. In addition, panelists stillĀ  like kopyor coconut of color, aroma and taste.

Learn download theĀ  attached file.

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