Integrated Control of White Root Fungus Disease on Rubber

Artikel Karet Inovasi Teknologi

ESTATE CROPS INNOVATION- White root fungus (WRF) disease caused by Rigidoporus microporus is an important disease of rubber causing death of plants. On the other hand, costs of control activities are relatively expensive. Therefore, effective and cheap control technologies are indispensable.

The WRF disease control could be done through preventive actions before the desease attack the plant or treating infected plants. Disease prevention efforts that are considered to be effective and suitable for farmers is through the use of chemical fungicides, sulfur, Trichoderma koningii and plant bio fungisida antagonist.

Results of the experiments showed that effective disease prevention is through reduction of source of inoculums by accelerating the weathering of infected stump. One of the strategies is by burning rubber stump or inoculating decomposer fungus. Protection of plants might be conducted by planting antagonistic plants (lidah mertua; Bahasa) around the base of the rubbers’ stems at the beginning of the cultivation. The most efficient and effective treatments of the affected plants is by applying of fungicides with active compound of triadmefon.

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