Vanila farming system has several problems, IMACRI (one of ICERD institutes) had done some researches from 1993 to 2005 with the objective to get superior varieties having high productivity and resistance to “Rot Stem Disease”. In August 2008, two varieties had been released with the name of Vania 1 and Vania 2. Vania 1 came from Ungaran, as Vania 2 came from Gisting Lampung. Those had been adopted in Manggissari village, Pekutatan Negara, Bali Province. The average production, of Vania 1 is 1,43 – 2,252 kg/plant (fresh pod). The vanillin content is 2,808%, but is sensitive to Rot Stem Desease (RSD).

The production of Vania 2 is lower than Vania 1 (1.228 – 1.966 kg fresh pod/plant). The vanillin content is 2,983% and rather tolerant to RSD.

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