Development of KANESIA Varieties

Artikel Kapas Varietas Varietas-Kapas

They are suitable to be developed in dry climate  like in East Java, Central Java, West Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, Yogyakarta, Bali and NTT. Superior variety is one of the components easily adopted by farmers. ITOFCRI has released 15 series of KANESIA, among 6 of these, Kanesia 10-15 have production  potency of 17-22% higher than Kanesia 8 with the same quality. Kanesia 14 and 15 have  largest adaptation ability to water availability. Those  superior  varieties are moderately resistant to Amrasca biguttula compared to Kanesia 1-9. If they are developed in area of 10.000 ha and the productivity achieves 1,5 t/ha, so the national production will increase 9.000 ton seed cotton/ha, equal with 4,2 millions US $ (the price is US $ 1,4/kg). The target of national cotton development in 2010 will be 70.000 ha.

Cultivation Technology with Food Crops Cropping Pattern

In order to increase farmers income and to decrease the failure ricks of harvest, cropping pattern with food crops (peanuts, soybean, mungbean or maize) are recommended to be planted in early of rainy season. The pattern used in this system is 1 row of cotton (2 plants/hole) and 2-3 rows of food  crops with 44.000 cotton population and 198.000 food crops population per ha. Cotton population can be decreased into 33.000 population ( 1 plant/hole). The best farming system to increase farmers income is 3 rows of cotton and 2 rows of maize, was with population 32.566 cotton/ha and 38.000 maize/ha. All cropping pattern could increase 40% farmers income ( the average). Cotton-soybean pattern predicted 1348-1577 kg seed cotton/ha and 500-545 kg soybean/ha, whereas cotton maize  pattern produced 619,5 kg seed cotton/ha and 3260 kg/corn/ha.

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