Nitrogen management on sustainable patchouli production

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin Benth.) one of plant which is producing essential oil called patchouli oil. The oil produced by destilation herbage. The crops are responsive to fertilizers especially nitrogen and N concentration in leaves 5.58%. The condition is potentially to decline of soil fertility.

Urea is N source commonly used to increase yiled. N fertilizer was not at all to used by the crops, partly of N loss to the environment by leacing, denitrification, and volatilization to the atmosphere as ammonia gaseous.

Threre are several technology potentialy to prevent the losses of N and maintain of soil fertility such as provide N fertilizers corresponding growth phase reffer to “5th right” (right time, right doses, right type, right place and right method), provide N Stabilizer and N crops fixing by cropping patern with legumes. This paper aims to review the results of fertilization on patchouli as an effort to support sustainable agriculture.

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