Escort The Assembly Of New Types Of Superior Varieties Of Palm Oil IAARD

Artikel Kelapa Berita Perkebunan Highlight

ESETE CROPS NEWS – Balit Palma Dr. Ismail Maskromo, Dr. Budi Santosa Ir. Jeanette Kumaunang, M.Sc, Meity A. Tulalo, SP. MP, Royan Romadhon, SP M.Sc. and technician Helmintar Yulia, supported by reliable palm ‘The young breeder’ Dr. Azis Natawijaya, SP. MSi carried out a series of activities related to the Balitbangtan oil palm breeding program. Beginning with coordination with the Head of West Sumatra AIAT, Dr. Wahyu Wibawa, M.Sc, as the person in charge of KP. Sitiung, then continued with the observation and evaluation of crossed plants and several other supporting populations in the KP. Sitiung which is part of the Balitbangtan oil palm breeding program. Some of the results of these crosses have also been planted at the Paniki Experimental Garden, Balit Palma, Balitbangtan in Manado. (anjas)

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