The Effect of Jamu Formulas on Body Weight, Antioxidant Activities, and Antibody Titer in Chicken

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – Medicinal plants are useful to increase body immunity, body weight, appetite, and improve health both for human and animal. The research aimed to obtain functional drink formula for chicken, called jamu, made with spices and medicinal plants. These trials consisted of 3 activities; first, raw materials preparation include fermentation and extraction, second, functional drink formulation in form liquid and powder with pH and IC50 value as parameters, third, efficacy test of formulas that had the strongest antioxidant. The treatments were categorized as group I (chicken were fed with jamu, without vaccination), group II (fed with jamu for two weeks then vaccinated), group III (jamu feeding complemented by vaccination), group IV (control, only vaccination). The third activity was arranged in a randomized block design with 6 replications. Parameters observed were body weight increment and antibody titer. The fermentation time and formula composition showed no significant effect on pH until the third day (4.31 – 4.68), but they indicated significant effect on pH from the fourth day, declined until the seventh day (3.65-4.26). The type and compositions of the formula significantly affected IC50 value. The smallest of IC50 value of liquid and powder formulas were 7796.25 ppm and 244.57 ppm, respectively. The incremental body weight regarding liquid, powder, and control formulas were 365.55 g / week, 351.22 g / week, and 326.66 g / week, respectively. The highest antibody titer was at group III that had 4.50 (log 2), whereas control was 3.30 (log2). The combination feeding, jamu formula and vaccine, was able to increase body weight increment and antibody titer on chicken.

Keywords: medicinal plants, functional drink, IC50, broilers, antibody titers

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