Application Of Technology For The Production Of High Quality White Ginger Seeds

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Research so far has limited results on the use of irrigation in ginger cultivation. Research that combines fertilization, irrigation and protection has already begun, but improvements are still needed before the technology is ready to be disseminated to users.

The input of fertilizer and protection in the irrigation technology has a great opportunity to produce high quality ginger seeds and is efficient in the use of water and nutrients. The governance of providing inputs of water, nutrients and induction of resistance to bacterial wilt disease in the JPB seed production process greatly determines the appearance of the quality of the seed product.

Through the application of a precision technology called FERTIGAPRO (which is a combination of fertigation and plant protection technology) it is possible to provide water, nutrient solutions and bioformula of endophytic bacteria in ginger mother plants to suit their needs at each phase of physiological development and microclimate conditions.

The seeds produced are more pithy with high starch and fiber content, and can suppress bacterial wilt attacks. Through a combination of induction of endophytic bacteria at the seed stage, regulation of water supply, nutrient solution and bioformula of endophytic bacteria that are given periodically with precision in the FERTIGAPRO application, it is hoped that high quality large white ginger (JPB) seeds can be produced (Anjas)

Source: Warta: Application of technology for the production of high quality white ginger seeds

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