Acceleration Of Productive Age Of Sunan Candlenut (Reutealis Trisperma) Through Splicing Technology

Artikel Kemiri Sunan Berita Perkebunan Highlight

Sunan candlenut is an agricultural commodity that is determined as an alternative energy source.
Cultivation technology innovation has a very important role in supporting the development of an efficient and highly competitive Sunan Pecan agribusiness system. The main obstacle in the development of sunan candlenut plants is the productive age is slow, naturally begins to bear fruit at the age of 5-6 years after planting, so it is necessary to accelerate the productive age of less than 5 years. Efforts to increase the production of candlenut and the acceleration of productive age can be done through grafting technology.

More can be listened to on the following link: Acceleration of the Sunan Candlenut Age

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