PENAS XIII (National Development Week)

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

National Meetings Week Contact Farmers and Fishermen (PENAS) initiated by farmer leaders fishermen in 1971, is an important event where the farmer contacts Indonesian fishermen from around the region come together and stay in touch with each other, exchange ideas and information, produce and create, communicate and play with other agricultural development stakeholders including government, private sectors, state enterprises, universities, research institutions and others.




Through PENAS XIII 2011 Fishers Farmers, fishermen the opportunity to co-exist in an effort to strengthen the leadership of agribusiness at the level of farmers, as well as initiate new governance options farmers throughout Indonesia are able to change the farmers become more passionate to wards agricultural developm ent in general and the influen ce of agribusiness farmers in particular.


Attendance figures fishermen, kontaktani-fisherman, and a successful farmer-fishermen, is a valuable opportunity to put to the best by anyone in order to move the agri-business leadership and partnerships at the Farmers Fishermen. Therefore, their presence is expected to provide motivation to other Fishers Farmers to interact in Agriculture Natural Resources are available in their respective regions in order to improve knowledge and skills of agricultural production and increase their income, which in turn can improve family welfare Farmers-Fishermen.
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