Central Lampung Regional Government Explores Cooperation In The Development Of Tropical Dates With The ICECRD

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Along with the development of plantation commodities in various regions of the world, the demand for dates is increasing. Not only healthy, this fruit which is identical to the month of Ramadan is proven to have high economic value. Dates are also one of the historical plants throughout the ages which are mentioned in the Qur’an as highly nutritious foods. This is what triggers dates to be cultivated in various regions in Asia, including Indonesia.

Recent developments indicate that several varieties of dates are suitable for development in the tropics. The taste image is not much different from dates from the Middle East. No wonder the community or farmer activists of dates began to emerge and develop rapidly in the archipelago, one of which is in Central Lampung. Date activists develop individually and in the community, but on the other hand, technical considerations are needed in the context of antipasti against pests and a decrease in yield quality.

Responding to this, the regional government through the Regional Research and Development Agency (RRDA) of Central Lampung Regency made a working visit to the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) Tuesday, April 6, 2021. RRDA of Central Lampung represented by the Head of the Sub-Division for Technology Application and Dissemination Kelitbagan , Andi Antoni SP, MM, stated his intention to consult about the development of dates in his area, not from the upstream aspect, but also related to downstream aspects including post-harvest.

He revealed, there are quite a number of farmers who have started planting dates in the last few years. Unfortunately, these farmers have not received guidance and direction on good date palm cultivation, post-harvest management, and marketing. In fact, if it can develop well, RRDA of Central Lampung hopes that the area can become a center for research development and date palm agro-tourism in Indonesia. This desire received full response and support from the leadership of RRDA of Central Lampung and the regent.

Sub-Coordinator for Cooperation and Research Result Utilization of the ICECRD, Dr. Saefudin, SP, M.Si and Sudarsono, SE, welcomed the arrival of the RRDA of Central Lampung team. On behalf of the leadership, Saefudin fully supports and is ready to work together as well as provide assistance related to the development of dates.

In order for the assistance to be more focused and have a legal umbrella, an MoU between the Regent of Central Lampung and IAARD needs to be made. Likewise with the cooperation agreement (PKS) between the RRDA of Central Lampung and the ICECRD. Meanwhile, as a technical work and operational step of the assistance cooperation will be outlined in the Terms of Reference (KAK) involving the Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institutete (IPCRI in Manado. To follow up on the technical discussion, an online meeting was held involving the Head of Palm Oil and the Technical Team. other.

The making of the MoU, PKS and KAK will be scheduled in the near future. The two sides also did not rule out expanding cooperation by developing commodities other than dates. Long live the Indonesian plantations. (Nurul, Sae & Team Web)

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