The B meeting of IAARD : Performance Achievement in 2012 and Target in 2013

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Leadership Meeting  was one of the 2nd level eselon meeting’s agenda which is regularly held by the IAARD to coordinate the important things and should be conducted by all of the Research Center Unit under the coordination of the IAARD. The meeting held at the Display Room of ICECRD, Cimanggu Campus, Bogor, Indonesia on January 7, 2013 which was chaired by the Head of IAARD, Dr. Haryono.
On occasion, the Head of IAARD convey some targets to be achieved as well as strategic steps for the success of agricultural development in Indonesia until 2014. Intended target, such as:

  • Production for the achievement of self-sufficiency and sustainable in five major commodities : rice (paddy), maize (dry shelled), beans (dried beans), sugar (GKP) and beef.
  • Diversification of food consumption to 1.5% per capita / year for rice.
  • Increasing value added, competitiveness and exports.
  • Improving farmers’ welfare.

On the same occasion, the Head of ICECRD, Dr. Muhammad Syakir, deliver performance superior output of ICECRD in 2012, as follows:

  • Superior of Variety and Seeds.
  • Production of tissue culture seedlings of sugarcane production on high yield.
  • Protocol sugarcane tissue culture propagation of seedlings.
  • Release of improved varieties of crops: (1) coconut, (2) clover, (3) sugar, (4) vetiver, (5) sesame, (6) nut, (7) purwoceng.
  • Diversity of elders resistant hybrid cocoa VSD.Product
  • Bio additive formula for savings (20-30%) of fuel usage,
  • Livestock of herbal formulas to enhance fertility bulls,
  • Herbal formula to improve the resilience of livestock poultry,
  • Herbicides for vegetable oil,
  • Decomposers of ligno oil palm waste (already licensed)Cultivation Technology
  • System integration of livestock farming with sugarcane to reduce greenhouse emissions gas and increase farmers’ income.
  • Land management and fertilizer on peatlands for palm oil and greenhouse gas emissions.

Integrated cotton’s pest management.

While the breakthrough in 2013, is to focused on research and development activities to support the achievement of self sufficiency. (Website Team).

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