Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

ESTATE CROPS – In order to support the Government in building security of provision for food and farmers’ welfare as well as investment in Agribusiness sector that includes agro tourism, Agrinex Expo will be held for the sixth times in Jakarta Convention Centre, on March 30-31, & April 01, 2012. The main organizer is Performax and Bogor Agriculture University (IPB), with expectation of support by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Coop Indonesia Foundations.

Nowadays, Agribusiness products have numerous functions, yet the security of provision of food is still the main program of development of agriculture in Indonesia. This is caused by the product’s ability in guaranteening the food supply, nation’s pride, and the nation’s economy, and most importantly, the welfare of farmers, breeder and fisherman.

Indonesia is not independent in food supply yet
Farmer’s welfare is not even yet
A great potential in Agrotourism
With so many farmers and fertile land, the nation’s pride is at stake if Indonesia still depends on farmers from other countries.

Making the Indonesian agribusiness be the host in its own country.

Integrated Agribusiness Expo in prestigious location participated by Government, Local Enterprise, National and International Businessman, State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and Private Owned Enterprises, University, Small Medium Enterprises (UKM), Bank, Exporter and Importer Companies, Research and Development Agency, and other related Agribusiness, from up stream to downstream.(Website Team).

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