Prof. (Riset) Dr.Ir. Muhammad Syakir, MS.


Researcher on Agronomist, Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD)

Place/ date of birds : Watampone, 17 Nopember 1958

Specialist :  Agronomist

email :

Education background:

  • Undergraduate            : Hasanuddin University, Graduated in 1982
  • Master’s Degree           : Bogor Agricultural Institute, Graduated in 1990
  • Doctorate Degree        : Bogor Agricultural Institute, Graduated in 2005

Research experience:

  1. 1998 to 2001. Team Leader and Expert for Tanjungbinga Estate Crops Development, Belitung
  2. 1999 to 2001. Chairman of the Integrated Agricultural Development and Organic Farming Systems in Cigagak Farms, Cipanas, West Java
  3. 1999 to 2005. Technical Adviser to the Borobudur Farms Agribusiness, Cipanas
  4. 1998 to 2000. Researchers on The Integrated Advance Research for Agronomic Manipulation in order to Enhance Competitiveness and Comparative Advantage of Pepper Shrubs
  5. 1999 to 2001. Researchers on The Partnership Advancement Research for applicable test of Pepper Cultivation Technology
  6. 2000 to 2001. Research Team for Analysis of Potential Land Estates Ciawi Temen, Kerawang, West Java
  7. 2000 to 2002. Team Leader in Plantation Crops Development in the Transmigration Region, Natuna
  8. 2002 to 2003. Chairman of the Team-Oriented Analysis of Potential Estate Development Regional Agribusiness Transmigration in Natuna Island.
  9. 2003 to 2004. Member of Team of Potential Analysis of Agricultural Development in Keprih District
  10. 2004 to 2005. Technical Team Leader of organic waste in Cianjur, West Java.


  1. Current Bantar Gebang landfill Conditions. Proceedings of the Workshop on Waste Management of Traditional Market in Jakarta, Bogor, February 17, 2005
  2. Role of Organic Fertilizer to increase Agriculture Production. Seminar Proceedings of the National Society of Indonesian Agronomist (PERAGI 2006)
  3. Effect of mulch and doses of NPK fertilizer on the Growth and Production of Ginger’s Rhizome (Zingiber officinale Ros.). Proceedings of the workshop Herbs of Household and Business I
  4. Utilization of Sago Waste as a Weed Control in Pepper. Journal of Industrial Plant Research, Volume 14 No. 3 September 2005.
  5. Sago (Metroxylon spp). Plantation Crops Producing Bio Fuel. Bogor Agricultural Institute Publishers, 2009
  6. Kesambi (Schleichera oleosa Merr.) Plant Producing Bio fuel Plantations. Bogor Agricultural Institute Publishers, 2009
  7. Technology to Support the Development of Bio fuel-Based Plant (Jatropha). Proceedings of the Workshop on Jatropha IV, Malang, 6 November 2008

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