Consortium Model of Innovation Development for Bio-fertilizer

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Terpopuler

BOGOR,  ESTATE CROPS – Initially with a meeting in April 2011 between the Ministry of Agriculture and National Innovations Committee, they have reached an agreement to develop biofertilizer as  breakthrough technologies in agriculture, involving LIPI and IPB.

The underlying agreement are: 1. Destruction of agricultural land as a result of using synthetic fertilizers, so that the necessary fertilizer replacement of biological material, 2. Research and development of biological fertilizers is still done on their own without any coordination.

Therefore, it is necessary to form a consortium to bring together researchers and industry in order to look for new innovations in biological fertilizers and manufactured on a large scale.

To support the implementation of biofertilizer consortium, the National Agricultural Research provided funding which is divided into two main activities: 1. Field testing of the effectiveness of biological fertilizers leading to major food crops (rice and soybean) and horticulture (chili), which involved researchers from the Research Agency, IPB, LIPI and BPPT, 2. Product development and integrated production systems involving researchers across disciplines.

Targets to be achieved by the formation of the consortium is to create a superior innovation biofertilizer, which can function effectively and efficiently, can reach the farmers, as well as quality-assured as expected. Therefore, it should be proclaimed by the production and use of biological fertilizers on a national scale. (editorial/ website team).

Key words: biological fertilizers, consortium, the National Innovation Committee, the National Agricultural Research

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