Lubrication oils from by Products of Pecan Sunan

Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Polyolester-based lubricant compound can be produced from the glycerol compound of fuel by product of biodiesel production of sunan hazelnut oil and oleic acid compounds.

Manufacture of lubrication oil was made feasible through a process of glycerol polymerization, conversion of oleic acid into estolida, and esterification reaction of the two previous products as well. Polyolester obtained met the specification standards of SAE 30 – SAE 60 for automotive engine lubricants.

Formulation results of polyolester with antifoaming additive materials, over-based detergent, anti-oxidant, dispersant, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear, friction modifiers, pour point depressants produce lubrication oils generally fulfill the quality of lubricant characteristics (SNI 06-7069.1-2005).

The increasing needs of oil and lubricants for automotives and industries, and the depletion of petroleum reserves lead to the manufacture of lubrication oil-based products made ??from raw vegetable oil polyolester especially sunan hazelnut oil is very feasible to be developed in Indonesia, because in the cultivation this plant does not compete with food crops.

Manufacturing lubrication oil from biofuel may help save national exchange, because it will reduce imports of lubricant raw materials or synthetic lubrication oils. (Juniaty Towaha, BALITTRI).

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