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JAKARTA, – More advanced palm oil research activities find new business prospects for the health sector from the production of red palm oil which contains vitamins A and E. Indonesia as a producer of crude palm oil (CPO) likely the world’s largest healthy new vegetable oil producing country.

This issue emerging in a press release launching the cooperation of social programs Eka Tjipta Foundation (ETF), owned by Sinar Mas Group. The event was attended by Chairman of the ETF G. Sulistiyanto, President Director of PT SMART Tbk David Dharsono, and Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Sam Herodians.
At least 10 million children and millions of poor people in Indonesia still lack Vitamin A, which is beneficial to the eyes and maintain cell regeneration, immunity, and reduce the risk of cancer and lupus.
For the initial stage, IPB will start giving vitamin A program for the poor in western Bogor, West Java, which is contained in red cooking oil production of PT SMART Tbk. This is part of the socialization benefits of red cooking oil from palm oil.
Palm oil is the highest in the world producing carotenoids. The first processing stage of  Crude palm oil (CPO) is solid red color oil containing beta-carotene and provitamin A as much as 600-1000 mg per kg or ppm. 

This Carotenoid found in oil palms is a pro-vitamin A that is very easily absorbed by human intenstinal musical cells and then converted into vitamin A or retinol with the potential conversion of 98%.This potential makes the red palm oil as a source of vitamin A which is much more effective and cheaper than any other vitamin A source.

Currently, processing of CPO into palm oil cooking involves the destruction of pro-vitamin A large-scale to obtain a clear or slightly cooking oil yellow in color. This processing, referred to as purification, also destroys vitamin E, which is also contained in the CPO.
If the CPO production in Indonesia reached a minimum of 16 million tons per year, while pro-vitamin A carotenoid content of 550 ppm, the amount of pro-vitamin A, which destroyed at least 7700 tons per year. This amount of Vitamin A can meet the needs of at least 30 billion people per year with the calculation of average per-person requirement of 700 mcg of retinol equivalents per day


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