Decorticator of Balittas 02 Type

Inovasi Teknologi Produk Inovasi

This machine is used to separate the seeds from the fruits. The capacity of the machine can achieve 350 kg seed per hour. The fuel used for motor energy can be diesel, gasoline or electricity.


The specification are :

a)   Capacity    : 350 kg seed /hour

b) Dimension   :  215 X 115 X 115 cm.

c) Activator     :  Diesel motor 7 PK or Electricity 3 PK.

d) Transmission System : V belt

e) Operator   :  2-3 persons

The superiority of this machine is a) can be used for several size of fruits of several levels of ripening (yellow, brown or black ), b) can be changed the width of the space for decorticating, c) The seeds are not damaged and  d) clean and really separated from the epidermis. The price of  the machine is Rp. 20 millions/unit, the time for ordering is 2 months.



The specification of stove are :

a) dimension (L X W X H)  : 28 X 28 X 27 cm

b) number of wicks : 20

c) tank capacity  : 1,8l

d) fuel : CJO (100%)

e) fuel consumption : 138m /hour


The superiority of this stove are :

a) very safe

b) the fuel can be self prepared

c) economically fuel used.

d) the price is only Rp 75000/unit

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