Minister Of Agriculture Launches National Food Diversification Movement

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

Jakarta, Perkebunan – Our beloved country has enormous local food potential and can be a substitute for rice as a staple food. To improve local food security, today the National Simultaneous Food Diversification Movement, Exposure of Local MSMEs and Indonesian Fruits in 2020 by the Minister of Agriculture and involving Local Governments in 34 Provinces throughout Indonesia at the PIA Building, Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta (19/8/2 ).

This movement at the same time invites the public to change consumption patterns so that they do not depend on just one commodity. Through this activity, the community is invited to get to know and understand the benefits of local food which are very diverse and have the potential to be used as a source of non-rice carbohydrates.

Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo in his remarks and directions when greeting Regional Heads (Governors / Regents) virtually, “Today we are launching the joint National Declaration of the Food Diversification Movement, Exposing Local MSME Food and Indonesian Fruit in 2020, ask for help. the Governors for all of us ”, appealed the Minister of Agriculture.

We will make a special Indonesian day abroad by inviting people to drink coffee for free. We will program it this year. The activity is in the form of a small exhibition while drinking coffee at cafes abroad while displaying some of our products that they can buy. Not only that, cassava, maybe Indonesians in South Korea, Japan, need cassava, it has become a solution for our MSME products.

“I saw earlier at the exhibition that there were local foods from sweet potatoes, bananas, sago, taro, potatoes, all of which I was amazed at, they tasted good, varied,” he said. People abroad, including Indonesians who are there, of course miss the special food, and we can produce it. For this reason, it is hoped that good cooperation from the Governors, the Ministry of Agriculture is ready to be contacted at any time, the Minister added.

The Minister of Agriculture hopes that in times of a pandemic like this, solidarity will be important. Emotional unity in facing challenges is one way out, we don’t need to look for what is lacking, let’s complement each other and must be willing to cooperate, work together, and this is the President’s direction to all the existing Ministers.

Furthermore, the Minister of Agriculture conducted a virtual dialogue with the Governors and Deputy Governors.

During a visit to the exhibition stand, the Minister of Agriculture accompanied by the Head of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency and echelon 1 and 2 officials within the Ministry of Agriculture agreed to visit the IAARD stand. On this occasion, the Center for Plantation Research and Development presented Hand Sanitizer products which were directly used by the Minister. Besides that, he also tasted Chocolate processed products, and saw other products such as Coconut brown sugar, secang etc. The Minister of Agriculture provides directions for these products to be managed properly, as well as the machines, packaging and marketing, so that people will know about the products produced by the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In this exhibition’s exposure activity, the Center for Plantation Research and Development together with Balit displayed Handsanitizer products and herbal beverage products (secang), as well as processed Chocolate and Coffee products in addition to other post-harvest products from the work unit within the Balitbangtan scope. (Web team)

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