Minister Of Agriculture Appreciates Eucalyptus-Based Products As Corona Anti Virus As A Result Of Balitbangtan Research

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PLANTATION NEWS – Minister of Agriculture Dr. Syahrul Yasin Limpo gave a big appreciation to the Researchers of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research and Development Agency (Balitbangtan) who have successfully conducted research on Eucalyptus-based products to be used as herbal plants that have the potential to cope with the spread of COVID-19 outbreaks by the public. The appreciation was conveyed at the Eucalyptus-Based Product Launching Activity as an Antivirus, which was held through a teleconference video at the Agriculture War Room of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta (8/5).

In his remarks which were witnessed online by all Echelon I, II, and III Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Work Unit, Syahrul explained, in the face of this pandemic, it certainly requires our joint efforts . He saw today that the Balitbangtan effort through its UPT produced an important breakthrough was a very large contribution from the Ministry of Agriculture in the prevention and control of Covid-19 disease in Indonesia.

“We know that all countries are currently competing in the discovery of drugs and vaccines for Covid-19 disease, and many of them are still trial and error . Balitbangtan with limited current conditions can produce a prototype of the product in a short amount of time and with good cooperation by utilizing biological resources and using advanced nanotechnology can produce products that can be used by the community, ” explained Syahrul.

“I have seen the products packed with products commonly used by the public such as roll on , balm, aromatherapy oils, inhalers and aromatherapy necklaces. Therefore, I really appreciate and thank you profusely for the results of Balitbangtan products, keep going , because this is a very important breakthrough for the people of Indonesia, “concluded the Minister of Agriculture.

Previous Head of IAARD Dr. Fadjry Djufry also explained that Balitbangtan through its Technical Implementation Unit (UPT), the Veterinary Research Center, Spice and Medicinal Research Institute and Post Harvest Center, conducted joint research to prove the ability of several herbal plants including proving the potential of eucalyptus antiviral viruses including the Gammacorona virus and Beta Coronavirus Clade 2a as a model of the corona virus were tested in vivo.

“Research shows that eucalyptus can be used as an antivirus with the effectiveness of killing 80-100% of the virus depending on the type of virus, including the Corona virus used and the H5N1 influenza virus,” said Fadjry.

He also added that although not yet using the COVID-19 virus in its testing, the results of scientific search and research on anti- eucalyptus power carried out by Balitbangtan provided research-based scientific information to the public about the potential of eucalyptus as an antivirus which was also expected to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the development of this eucalyptus -based product , Balitbangtan makes eucalyptus oil through a steam distillation process in the Laboratory of the Spice and Medicinal Plants, then its effectiveness is tested at the Veterinary Research Center. Nano technology is used to produce several preparations of active ingredients that are more stable and have higher effectiveness, then prototype products are developed such as roll on , balm, aromatherapy oils, inhalers and aromatherapy necklaces at the Post-Harvest Center, so that they are easy to use by the community.

Fadjry sees this as a very good and important breakthrough, especially since there is still no effective drug for this disease, while the number and number of deaths in Indonesia is increasing. I hope this product can be improved again, and by cooperating with the private sector this product can be made in large quantities so that it can be directly used by the community.

It is hoped that the IAARD through its UPT can contribute to the prevention and control of Covid 19 disease in Indonesia. Joint efforts are needed in dealing with and through this pandemic. With the permission of Allah SWT and our joint efforts we can get through this condition.

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