Meniran, Weeds That Can Increase Endurance

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – Novel Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) or better known as Coronavirus is a virus that can cause respiratory disease, acute pneumonia (lung infection), and kidney failure. Increasing endurance is one way to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Usually by eating nutritious foods, getting adequate rest, regular exercise, managing stress well, and consuming immune stimulants to increase endurance.

One of the Indonesian medicinal plants that has an immunomodulatory function is Phyllanthus sp. (Phyllanthus sp.). As an immunomodulator, Meniran can activate the immune system to make it play its best role. In traditional medicine, all parts of the Meniran plant can be used in medicinal preparations.

Meniran has been studied and evaluated in clinical trials for various infectious diseases, such as chronic hepatitis B, tuberculosis (TB), vaginitis and varicella-zoster infection. In such diseases, an effective immune system is essential for successful treatment and eradication of pathogens. Meniran is used for its ability to regulate and activate the immune system.

Researchers of Balittro Susi P. and Nur Laeila W. M said Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri L.) is called ba’me tano, child support, child support, baket sikolop (Sumatra), meniran green, meniran (Javanese and Sundanese), bolobungo, sidukung children (Sulawesi) and gosau ma dungi, gosau ma dungi roriha, babiji grasshoppers (Maluku). Meniran can grow from lowlands to highlands, especially in humid environments. It grows on the edge of ditches, gardens and fields. In general, people call Meniran a wild plant, and many people don’t know whether this plant can be used as medicine.

As we all know, almost all species of Phyllanthus sp have medicinal properties and are widely used in various traditional herbs. Indonesians recognize two species, namely Phylanthus niruri L. (green stem) and Phylanthus urnaria L (red stem), but so far, P. niruri (green meniran) is used only as medicine.

The main root of this plant is a taproot, it does not grow more than 50 cm. The stems are round, bald, colored, green, and ± 3 mm in diameter. Compound green pinnate leaves, small leaves, 15-24 total, and attached with small, small fruit, such as “Menir” (small broken rice) on the lower fins of the leaves. Leaves ovate, blunt tip, round base, ± 1.5 cm long, ± 7 mm wide, flat edge. The fruit can be square or round, smooth, ± 2 mm in diameter, and greenish purple in color. The seeds are small, hard, kidney-shaped and brown.

A simple way to use this plant as an immune booster is to boil 15-30 grams of dried herbs (leaves and stems) or 30-60 grams of fresh herbs in 3 cups until the remaining 1 cup. Once cool, filter the cooking water and drink 1 cup a day. (Anjas)

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