Increase Coconut Farmers’ Income Through VCO Derivative Products

Artikel Kelapa Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Costs incurred by farmers in making VCO are not large. The results of research carried out by Darmanis (2019) on conventional VCO manufacturing training cost money to be spent in producing 20 liters of VCO of Rp. 1,515,000. These costs consist of fixed costs (IDR 462,000) and variable costs (IDR 1,515,000). VCO at the consumer level is sold for Rp. 170,000 per liter and farmers in 20 liters will get a gross income of Rp. 3,400,000. Selling net income in the form of VCO 20 liters is IDR 1,423,000. This income is greater than that of farmers selling coconut grains, which is IDR 650,000. (Anjas)

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