Get To Know The Nutmeg Forest Of South Aceh

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – Forest nutmeg in South Aceh is found mostly in hilly areas and is identified as Myristica schifferii Warb. Trees with plant height can reach 20 meters. The fruit is round to slightly oval. The color of the young fruit skin is greenish, and the fruit that is old, the skin of the fruit is brown.

The size of the Acehnese forest’s plants, leaves, fruit and seeds is bigger than the fruit / nutmeg in general. The seeds are enveloped in bright orange aryles when ripe, or aryles of yellowish cream when they are young. The closure of the arylus on the fruit is dense and tight so the seeds are not visible. The fruit, arylus and seeds are not aromatic.

The fruit and mace when held are gummy and tend to be a little sticky. There is no traditional use of forest fruit, seeds and nutmeg for health by local communities. However, forest nutmeg seeds are used by local farmers as rootstocks connected with cultivated nutmeg.

Allegedly the use of forest nutmeg as a rootstock to obtain plants resistant to white root fungal attack, in addition to encouraging faster plant growth. The use of forest nutmeg as a rootstock needs to be studied further for its effect on fruit and seed quality before being developed in a wider area.

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