Know Noni, Bitter Fruit Rich In Benefits

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PLANTATION NEWS – Speak noni, it must immediately imagine a bitter taste. But behind the bitter taste many sweet benefits that can be felt by humans. Like what?

Noni is a green fruit that is found in Australia, India and Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia. In Indonesia, this fruit has many names such as  keumeudee  (Aceh); Noni  (Lampung); pace, kemudu, kudu  (Javanese); cangkudu  (Sundanese); kodhuk  (Madura); tibah  (Bali).

While abroad, this fruit also has popular names such as  noni  (Hawai’i),  Indian mulberry  (English),  pepper  (Guam, Northern Marianas),  nono  (Cook Islands, Tahiti),  non  ( Kiribati ),  nonu, nonu atoni, gogu atoni  (Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Wallace, Futuna), nen, nin (Marshall Islands, Chuuk),  keel, lel, ngel  (Palau),  turtle  (Fiji) , canary wood  (Australia).

Yellowish white fruit (ripe), fleshy, and has a distinctive aroma. Noni fruit can bear fruit throughout the year. Noni seeds are small, 4 mm long, reddish brown, triangular in shape, and have a striking air space. One noni fruit contains 100-150 seeds.

As for the nutritional content contained in 100 grams of noni fruit is 167 calories a lot cal, vitamin A 395.85 IU, vitamin C 175 mg, niacin 2.5 mg, iron 9.17 mg, calcium 325 mg, sodium 335 mg, potassium 1.12 mg, protein 0.75 g, fat 1.50 g and carbohydrates 51.67 g.


Scopoletin substances   in noni are useful for dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure; anti-bacterial and anti-fungal; anti-inflammatory; analgesic; histamine inhibitors; rheumatic conditions; allergy; sleep disturbance; migraine headaches; depression; Alzheimer’s disease.

While  Anthraquinones (damnacanthal)  : antiseptic and anti-bacterial to anti-cancer. The content of  polysaccharides (glucuronic acid; galactose; arabinose; rhamose; glycosides; trisaccharide fatty acid esters)   can also be used as an immuno-stimulatory ( Immuno-stimulatory )  immune system ; anti-bacterial; anti-tumor  to anti-cancer.

Alizarin substances   in noni can cut off blood from vessels to tumors. While the content of  Alkaloids (xeronine)  can  activate enzymes and regulate the formation of proteins in cell membranes in the body, to repair damaged cells.

Then there is the substance  Morindon  which is used as a laxative in the colon, is antibacterial and can increase the immune system.

Utilization of noni in traditional medicine as a medicine for high blood pressure, antioxidants, beriberi, kidney inflammation, inflammation of the bile, inflammation of the intestine, inflammation of the tonsils, inhibits tumor growth, inhibits cancer-causing cells, launches urine, dysentery, constipation, spleen pain, spleen swelling to the liver pain.

Not only that, noni can treat bloody saliva, diabetes (diabetes mellitus), intestinal worms, chicken pox, obesity (obesity), lumbago (lumbago), colic (colic), heartburn because of colds.

As for beauty, noni can be used for foot skin that feels rough (skin softener), eliminates dandruff, antiseptic, menstrual decay, blood purifier.

Utilization of noni can be eaten directly and can be made into juice. Decoction of fruit and bark or roots can be used to wash wounds and eczema (eczema).

Source: Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institute

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