IP2TP Muktiharjo ICECRD Has The Most Complete Germplasm Collection In Central Java

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Estate Crops Info – One of the assets to support the implementation of the duties of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) is an experimental garden or agricultural technology research and study installation (IP2TP) which has functions, among others, as a means of collecting and conserving germplasm / genetic resources (SDG) for plantation crop commodities. , a place for research and development of plantation commodity technology, a Source Seed Management Unit (UPBS), visualization of research results, and a location for educational tours for the community as well as a source of non-tax state revenue (PNBP).

Currently the ICECRD has 19 IP2TPs spread across Indonesia, one of which is in the Pati area of ​​Central Java, namely IP2TP Muktiharjo with a land area of ​​70.4 hectares and IP2TP Ngemplak covering an area of ​​20.6 hectares which is under the coordination of the Indonesian Sweetener & Fiber Crops Research Institute (ISFCRI) Malang.

The Public Relations Team of the ICECRD , received by the IP2TP Coordinator Muktiharjo-Ngemplak, Mr. Impron Sadikin, SP. On that occasion, he explained the profile and activities (mandate of Balittas) being carried out, namely cultivation to the post-harvest process of cottonwood, sugarcane and rosella plants.

“Alhamdulillah, all activities are going well, and what is currently being carried out is the nursery of cottonwood, rosella plants and the processing of sugarcane into kawur sugar, shell sugar and tanjung sugar,” said Impron.

Furthermore, he conveyed several means of supporting activities at IP2TP Muktiharjo, including: tractors, deep water pumps, piping networks for irrigation. These means are used to prevent drought. In addition, there is a home industry scale tool for processing sugarcane into sugar with a production capacity of up to 10 tons / day. 152 superior clones or sweetener plant germplasm and fiber were collected, and are the source of biological genetics in Indonesia as well as the largest in Asia.

With all these facilities, Impron invites people who want to learn how the cultivation process to post-harvest sweetener and fiber crops can directly visit IP2TP Muktiharjo.

“For the general public or farmer groups who want to coordinate, learn and deepen the practice of cultivation and nursery techniques, post-harvest sugarcane and other fiber crops can visit us directly (IP2TP Muktiharjo) on Jl. Raya Pati – Gembong Km.5 Pati, Central Java, or you can contact the telephone contact at (0295) 5517531 “, he explained.

For information, the purpose of the visit of the Public Relations Team of the Center for Research and Development for Plantation to IP2TP Muktiharjo on Friday (9/4/21) is to develop a program for the dissemination of technology from the Research and Development Center for Plantation research so that it can be widely recognized and utilized by the community. (Anjas)

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