Know The Pseudotheraptus Wayi Coconut Fruit Destroyer

Artikel Kelapa Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS INFO – The P. wayi pest was an outbreak which had never previously been reported of this pest attacking coconut plants in North Sulawesi. Efforts to control these pests are still partial and several control methods have not been thoroughly studied. Wayi pest control which is mostly done is chemically using synthetic chemical insecticides. This method causes various negative impacts on humans and the environment as well as kills useful organisms such as natural enemies.

Efficient and environmentally sound control is the use of natural enemies as biological control agents. Some of the natural enemies of P. wayi are from the Hymenoptera Anoplolepis custodiens, Oecophylla langinoda and Ooencyrtus sp. Optimizing the use of natural enemies of P. wayi in the field needs to be empowered as an environmentally friendly P. wayi pest control. (Anjas)

Details on the link: Infotekbun-Knowing the Pests Destroying Coconut Fruits P. wayi

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