Getting To Know The Taste And Morphological Character Of Kobura Coffee

Artikel Kopi Berita Perkebunan Highlight

Estate Crops News – Robusta coffee is one of the most widely cultivated coffee varieties by farmers in the middle to lowlands. One of the areas known to have Robusta Coffee production with good taste quality in the Very good – Excellent specialty category   (Score > 80) is the South OKU district in South Sumatra. In 2021, Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute (IIBCRI) in collaboration with the Plantation Office of South Sumatra Province succeeded in releasing Kobura 1, Kobura 2 and Kobura 3 coffee clones. The three local Robusta coffee clones have been cultivated by farmers since the 1990s and are currently being widely developed in OKU Regency. South, one of which is in the District of Great Banding.

The District of Banding Agung is located on the outskirts of Lake Ranau and has a geographical landscape in the form of a medium plain with an altitude of 600-700 m above sea level. The propagation of the majority of coffee plants has used shoot grafting or known as “Coffee Cuttings”. Based on the experience of farmers, the productivity of coffee by vegetative propagation (clonal) is higher than coffee plants grown from seeds. The clones of Bugel (Kobura 1) and Marjuki Buah Besar (Kobura 2) were widespread in Talang Agung Village, while the clones of Marjuki Buah Kecil (Kobura 3) were found in Air Rupik Village. The outstanding advantage of these three clones is good taste. The three clones have high production potential and taste  Very good-Excellent Specialty to be widely developed in order to increase national coffee productivity, especially in South Sumatra Province.

The results of the taste quality test based on natural processing that referred to the SCAA protocol showed that all the clones tested, namely Kobura 1, Kobura 2, and Kobura 3 clones produced brewed quality products in the Very good – Excellent  category  (Table 9). The fragrance / aroma character   of each clone has its own specifications. The Kobura 1 clone is in the Very good category   (score 84.00), with a  fragrance / aroma of  Caramelly, Nutty (soy Bean), Spicy , and  Vanilla . Kobura 2 clone is in the Excellent  category  (score 88.00), with  fragrance / aroma Caramelly, Flowery, very Sweet, Vanilla . Kobura 3 clone includes Excellent  category  (score 86.00), with  fragrance / aroma  Caramely, Nutty, Soy Bean, Chili, Vanilla . (anjas)


Source: Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute (IIBCRI)

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