Overseeing The Assembly Of New Types Of Superior Varieties Of Palm Oil, IAARD

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ACTIVITIES OF ICECRD – Palm oil is one of nine palm plants that have been mandated by the Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute (IPCRI), IAARD, Ministry of Agriculture since 2011. Since then, the management of oil palm germplasm has been handled by researchers from IPCRI and BPTP West Sumatra. The oil palm germplasm collection, which is part of the exploration results of the Indonesian Palm Oil Consortium, was planted in the Situng Experimental Garden, Kab. Dharmasraya, West Sumatra. A total of 99 accessions from Cameroon and 105 accessions from Angola are currently 10 and 8 years old, respectively.

Since 2016 through research funds sourced from the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDP KS) evaluations of morphology, initial production, superior and specific characters have been carried out and have studied genetic diversity and genetic relationships between oil palm accessions using molecular markers. From the results of the evaluation, crosses between the selected genotypes and the elite oil palm genotypes belonging to the cooperation partners have been made, which are willing to share the pollen of the superior genotypes. The aim is to improve the genetic quality of the Cameroon and Angola genotypes belonging to the IAARD in order to prepare prospective superior parents for the assembly of new types of high-yielding oil palm varieties.

Evaluation of the genetic potential of each genotype from the cross continues to be carried out by improving the ‘performance’ of plants in the field through intensive maintenance of all plants, including supporting oil palm populations that have been planted previously in the same location. The concept of a ‘roadmap’ is being designed to ensure step-by-step appropriate steps to produce the best genotypes by optimizing all available genetic resources.

For 5 days Wednesday – Sunday, May 20-22 2021, the IPCRI Dr. Ismail Maskromo, Dr. Budi Santosa Ir. Jeanette Kumaunang, M.Sc, Meity A. Tulalo, SP. MP, Royan Romadhon, SP M.Sc. and technician Helmintar Yulia, supported by reliable palm ‘The young breeder’ Dr. Azis Natawijaya, SP. MSi carried out a series of activities related to IAARD oil palm breeding. Beginning with coordination with the Head of West Sumatra AIAT, Dr. Wahyu Wibawa, M.Sc, as the person in charge of KP. Sitiung, then continued with the observation and evaluation of crossed plants and several other supporting populations in the KP. Sitiung which is part of the IAARD oil palm breeding program. Some of the results of these crosses have also been planted at the Paniki Experimental Garden, IPCRI, IAARD in Manado.

There is still a long way to go in achieving the ultimate goal of getting the best elders to assemble the IAARD Tenera which will be contributed to Indonesian oil palm farmers. It requires a strong commitment from all relevant parties, starting from researchers, technicians, field workers who design and implement breeding programs with the support of other agricultural sciences, to ensure oil palm plants grow well and the data is organized and well documented. Also policy support related to garden management patterns and financial support from the ‘authorities’ to realize the hope of assembling new superior varieties that were previously doubted by some parties.

The results of the discussion by the IPCRI Ministry of Agriculture breeding team with ‘The Young Breeder,’ who we are more familiar with calling ‘The Magical Child’, after observing the appearance of the crossed palm plants, made it possible to accelerate the assembly of varieties through controlled crossbreeding, progeny testing, formation of new populations and simultaneous evaluation between generations. A ‘new pattern of glorifying’ oil palm through an ‘introgression’ approach of superior and specific characters from elite genotypes to ‘wild’ genotypes that have specific and superior characteristics of hope,n combined with the use of molecular technology in knowing the genetic diversity and relationships between genotypes before being used more further as the material for breeding IAARD palm oil.

Ask for support and prayers from friends and relations for the great and ‘noble’ work of the IAARD oil palm breeders, the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with partners with one vision and mission in producing technological innovations for VUTB (New Type Superior Varieties) oil palm IAARD, which Insha Allah is dedicated to development Indonesian palm oil in the future. Hopefully it goes smoothly as expected and the breeders, researchers and partners of IAARD oil palm breeders always receive instructions and are always in the protection of Allah SWT. Amen Ya Rabbal Alamin (Anjas)

Source: Palma Research Institute

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