PPID’s Vision, Mission And Duties


The realization of transparent and accountable information services to fulfill the information applicant’s rights in accordance with statutory provisions



  1. Improving quality information management and services;
  2. Develop and develop information systems and services;
  3. Increase human resource competency.



1. coordinate and consolidate the collection of information and documentation material which includes:

  • information that must be provided and announced periodically;
  • information that must be available at all times;
  • other open information requested by the applicant for public information.

2. storing, documenting, providing and providing information services to the public;

3. verifying public information materials;

4. test the consequences of information that is excluded;

5. updating information and documentation; and

6. provide information and documentation to be accessed by the public.


PPID has responsibilities, including:

  1. coordinating the storage and documentation of all public information;
  2. coordinate the provision and service of all public information under their respective control that can be accessed by the public;
  3. maintain the confidentiality of information that is excluded to the public and / or applicants of public information;
  4. guarantee the accuracy of the information provided to the public and / or public information applicants

In Carrying Out its Duties and Responsibilities, PPID Authorizes:

  1. refuse to provide exempt information in accordance with statutory provisions;
  2. request and obtain information from work units / components / work units that are the scope of work;
  3. determine or determine information can / cannot be accessed by the public; and
  4. assign PPID Officers to create, collect, and maintain information and documentation for the needs of the organization.

Motto: “Seriously Excellent Service”

Information of Services:

“We hereby declare that we are capable of providing excellent service in accordance with established standards, if we fail to keep our promises, we are ready to receive sanctions in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law”