IPCRI Laboratory Implements Website-Based Applications

Artikel Palma Berita Perkebunan

ICECRD INFO – The presence of the industrial revolution always has implications and also encourages the rapid development of digital information media in all areas of life. The same is true for the Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute, especially the Ecophysiology Laboratory. The Ecophysiology Laboratory must immediately adapt by presenting its internal information system online. One of them is an inventory of the use of chemicals into a website-based application (digitalization technology) using PHP + Laravel and MySQL.

In making this website system used data collection and experimental methods. Website preparation using hypertext markup language (HTML) and personal home page (PHP) programming languages.

All data related to chemical inventory and stock are available on a website-based application. The existence of digital-based chemical inventory data can make it easier for the internal laboratory to find out the latest stock of chemicals. (Anjas)

For details Download the following Fulltext: Infotekbun Vol. 12 No. 4, April 2020

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