Turina-2 Turmeric Variety


SUPERIOR VARIETY OF ESTATE CROPS – Turina-2 turmeric (Curcuma domestica Val) has the selection number Cudo 30, flowering period of 4-5 months, white-pale yellow flowers, 175 + 1.9 cm plant height, 7 + 0,32 plantlets, oval-shaped leaves, 1,48 + 0,69 parent rhizomes, 4,91 + 1,90 primary rhizomes, brown rhizomer skin, yellow-orange rhizome flesh, 500 – 2.500 g rhizome weight/clump.

Turina-2 turmeric has rhizome quality of 10,16% curcumin, 6,2% volatile oil, 21,92% water soluble essence, 14,89% alcohol soluble essence, and 0,52% ash contents. Suitable to be developed in sandy clay soil at altitude between 0-2000 m above sea level with rainfall between 2.000-4.000 mm/year.

It is potential to be developed commercially by medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Inventor : Cheppy Syukur, Siti Fatimah Syahid, Laba Udarno, Supriadi, Otih Rostiana, Budi Martono

Indonesian Spice and Medicinal Crops Research Insitute

IPR Protection Status : Variety Registration No. 128/PVHP/2009

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