The Visit Of PT. CME To The ICECRD In The Context Of Exploring Bioenergy Development Cooperation

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Currently, the role of new renewable energy and energy conservation is very important to increase national energy security. In line with the continued rate of economic growth and population, the projected energy demand in Indonesia will increase by 4.7% per year. In this case, the role of new and renewable energy is very important, especially in increasing access to modern energy for all Indonesian people.

Government through Government Regulation no. 79 of 2014 concerning the National Energy Policy encourages the development of new and renewable energy by setting a target of using renewable energy in 2025 at 23%, and the utilization of bioenergy by 5%. Through this regulation, it is hoped that the Government can cooperate with related parties, especially investors, in order to make the best use of this investment opportunity.

In response to this the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) received a visit from PT. Cipta Start Energy (PT. CME) which carries out the mission: (1) Carrying out research, development, and consulting in the fields of renewable energy, agriculture and plantations, (2) Producing and marketing B100 biodiesel and other vegetable materials, (3) Developing fields agricultural business, plantation, and processing of agricultural and plantation products, and (4) Developing cooperation with the principles of trust, normative, professional, feasible, and mutually beneficial.

The visit received a direct response by the Head of the ICECRD, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D and structural officials, Researcher group and IIBCRI researchers who have been focusing on bioenergy research and development. The visit was intended for the purpose of planning collaborative research, development and use of research results and innovations from the ICECRD by PT. CME.

In his speech, Head of ICECRD expressed his appreciation for the trust of PT. CME collaborates with the ICECRD in order to respond quickly to government policies related to the use and development of alternative energy sources as long-term energy fulfillment, especially those based on bioenergy and other vegetable materials. Technically, the collaboration can directly involve IIBCRI and researchers who already have the capacity and expertise in the field of bioenergy.

Likewise the President Director of PT. CME Aldo Tanzil SE MM Ak CA accompanied by Lilik Kristianto, S.Sos, M.Si (Director) and Ir. Anom Wibisono (Researcher) again appreciates the welcome and facilitation of the ICECRD for the cooperation plan. Aldo stated that, PT CME as a business organization that collaborates researchers / academics and entrepreneurs trying to contribute. PT CME runs a research and consulting services business, processing industry and trading: vegetable oils and fats in the form of biodiesel and other biofuels, agriculture and plantations.

In order to increase the added value of bioeconomic potential, PT CME develops cooperation with the government, companies, and various other parties in the fields of research, development and utilization of technology related to bio-industry and bioenergy, said Aldo.

After a discussion regarding the cooperation mechanism and the steps that must be taken in synergy in achieving the goals of cooperation, the Head of the Headquarters emphasized that this cooperation would not only produce licenses and patents, but also be able to make a significant contribution to energy loss in the future. Optimizing the role of researchers, facilities and infrastructure owned by ICECRD. (Anjas)

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