New PG Krebet Visit To Balittas Malang

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Indonesian Sweetener & Fiber Crops Research Institute (ISFCRI) Malang as one of the  Center for Plantation Research and Development, Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture received a visit from 2 staff of PG Krebet Baru Malang, namely Mrs. Arini and Mr. Sugiono (10/11/20). The purpose of the visit was to consult on the release of the local superior variety of sugarcane PR 1201.
The visit was received by Dr. Bambang Heliyanto, a sugarcane breeder who has been appointed to represent ISFCRI to assist PG Krebet Baru in releasing the variety. On that occasion, the ISFCRI sugarcane breeder explained information related to procedures for releasing plantation plant varieties in general. In addition, they are also advised to improve the draft proposal that has been made with additional supporting data that can describe the superiority of the PR 1201 variety to the existing variety, both from a technical and economic perspective. (Anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Sweeteners and Fibers (ISFCRI)

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