Indonesian Copra And Increasing Competitiveness

Artikel Kelapa Berita Perkebunan Highlight

ICECRD INFO – The demand for copra-based oil, both abroad and domestically, can be an opportunity in the copra-making industry. Indonesia has opportunities, including the high international market interest in processed coconut products, namely copra which is used for cooking oil and other oils.

Several steps that can be taken in order to strengthen the competitiveness of national copra are: (1) Creating a good distribution channel so that the people’s coconut harvest can be directly linked to the industry, especially copra. 2. Improving the quality and quality of copra and (3) Improving human resources by providing direction and assistance on processing technology, especially in the copra industry. (Anjas)

For details Download the following Fulltext: Infotekbun Vol. 12 No. 6, June 2020

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