Coordination, Socialization And Kostratani Training Of BPP Model Sumbang Banyumas Regency

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

Sumbang, Banyumas – After the socialization and training of the Kostratani Model BPP in Ciater District, Subang Regency, 11-12 August 2020, the Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development (Puslitbang Perkebunan) Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. , accompanied by the Head of the KSPHP Division Dr. Tedy Dirhamsyah, SP., MAB. , and Head of Sub Division of Cooperation Dr. Saefudin, SP., M.Si . continuing socialization and training activities at the Sumbang Agricultural Extension Center, Banyumas Regency, August 13-14, 2020.

Prior to the implementation of the socialization and training, the Head of the Plantation Research and Development Center coordinated with the Head of the Agriculture and Food Security Service, Ir. Widarso, MM. The Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development and the team received a warm welcome from the Head of the Service and at the same time expressed his appreciation for the selection of BPP Sumbang as a model for Kostratani activities.

In the short meeting, Syafaruddin conveyed several important things related to the Ministry of Agriculture’s policies in order to improve the progress of the agricultural sector and the welfare of farmers, especially through Kostratani activities. In addition, he hopes that in its implementation it will receive full support from the Department of Agriculture and Food Security by maximizing the duties and functions of the BPP in Sumbang District.

The socialization and training was attended by 25 participants from the elements of the Head of the Agriculture Office, Head of the Sub-District, Danramil, Kapolsek, Babinsa, Village Heads, extension agents, heads of farmer and farmer groups. The material to be delivered is related to social policies and programs, the use of information technology (IT) as a medium of communication and counseling, and online-based social reporting steps connected with the Argriculture War Room (AWR) of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The main objective of socialization and training is to provide a comprehensive explanation of Kostratani activities and strengthen BPP extension workers to be able to utilize and maximize the existence of information and technology as a means of communication / technology dissemination through Kostratani activities. More than that, the training emphasizes the importance of understanding the steps for Kostratani reporting (data input, viewing data recap and viewing reports) connected to AWR before August 16, 2020. Utilization of communication technology applications and reporting steps for Kostratani connected to AWR was delivered by the Head Sub Division of Cooperation, Dr. Saefudin.

In a brief discussion before the training, the Head of Sumbang Sub-District had high hopes for Kostratani’s activities, in order to increase farmers’ income, accelerate technology adoption and reduce poverty in Banyumas Regency, especially in Sumbang District which reaches 60% of the poor population and at the District level poverty reaches 11. 5%.

The same thing was emphasized by the Head of the Office, that with the limited number of BPP extension workers, it needs serious attention from the central government, especially related to incentives and support for facilities or infrastructure in an effort to improve extension performance. Currently, the added value of farmers has decreased, market access is less widespread as a result of Covid -19. Therefore, it is hoped that the presence of Kostratani will be able to solve these problems, hoped the Kadis. (sae-TEAM Web)

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