Coordination Of ICECRD And AIAT In Developing Plantation Commodities In West Java

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Head of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD), Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. , fulfilled the invitation of the West Java Agricultural Technology Study Center (BPTP) to discuss various matters related to the potential and development of plantation commodities in the West Java region, Wednesday (23/12/20). The Head of ICECRD was accompanied by the Head of the Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants (ISMCRIo), Dr. Ir. Evie Savitri, M.Sc., Head of Research Institute for Industrial and Refreshing Plants (IIBCRI), Dr. Tri Joko Santoso, SP, M.Sc.

Head of West Java AIAT, Dr. Ir. Wiratno, M.Env. Mgt, in his speech expressed his appreciation for the presence of the Head of ICECRD to fulfill his invitation. On this occasion, in addition to wanting to explore the potential of plantation crops in West Java, the Head of West Java AIAT hopes that this coordination can produce joint steps in advancing plantation commodity commodities in West Java.

The coordination that took place in the West Java AIAT Hall was also attended by researchers and extension workers both directly and online through the Zoom Meeting application. After the presentation from Dr. Evie and Dr. Tri Joko, the discussion session arrived, moderated by the Head of the Assessment Services Section (KSPP) of West Java AIAT, Didit Rahadian, S.TP., M.Sc.

This session was interesting, apart from discussing the potential of various regions of West Java, technology and dissemination of information such as the need for ‘smart books’ or pocket books for farmers. No less important in this discussion are corporations and partnerships.

“In the future, this is one of our homework, partnerships and collaborations. BPTP is the spearhead of the Ministry of Agriculture, while its activities include and are related in West Java, we collaborate with BPTP. In addition, the activities also involve members of the Council, we synergize with each other, between us, BPTP, Regional Government, all of them,” said the Head of Research and Development Center In addition, it is planned that collaboration will also be carried out in the release of local varieties. “The closest one, we will issue coconuts,” explained the Head of Research and Development Center. (Anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants (ISMCRI)

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