Coordination Of Implementation Of Socialization And Training Of The Kostratani Model

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Subang (11/08/2020), the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia continues to make breakthroughs in agricultural development, one of which is Konstratani. The Strategic Command for agricultural development, hereinafter referred to as Kostratani, is a movement to renew information technology-based national agricultural development.

With one command, agricultural development in Indonesia will be more focused and can be properly monitored down to the sub-district level. It is hoped that the tiered reporting system, starting from the District, Regency, Province to the National level, is expected to be able to provide a complete and factual picture of agricultural conditions in Indonesia. The farmer’s strategic command, hereinafter referred to as Kostratani, is a sub-district agricultural development renewal movement, through optimizing the tasks, functions and roles of the Agricultural Extension Center (BPP) in realizing the success of agricultural development.

Kostratani is the center for agricultural development activities at the sub-district level, which is the optimization of the tasks, functions and roles of BPP in realizing national food sovereignty. The long-term goal of Kostratani is to optimize the Duties, Functions and Roles of the BPP (Agricultural Extension Center) as the Center for Agricultural development at the District level in Realizing National Food Sovereignty. Furthermore, Kostratani’s short-term goals are the fulfillment of facilities, infrastructure, institutions, capacity of agricultural human resources and the implementation of information technology-based agricultural development in the District.

At the level of the Ministry of Agriculture, the BPP Kostratani mandates BPPSDMP, IAARD and Barantan with the support of 6 Work Units, 132 Technical Implementing Units and a total BPP of 290 targets I. Kostratani has an important role as: data and information center, agricultural development movement center, learning center, Agribusiness consulting center and partnership network development center.

The Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) plays a role in assisting BPP Model Guidance in two locations, namely BPP Ciater Subdistrict, Subang District, West Java and BPP Sumbang District, Banyumas District, Central Java. In accordance with the direction of the Head of BPPSDMP (10/08/2020) in order to accelerate the implementation of Kostratani, the Head of the ICECRD, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D., along with the Head of the KSPHP Division and the Head of the Sub-Division of Cooperation moved directly to Subang Regency (11/08/2020) to coordinate with the Subang Regency Agriculture Office in the context of Socialization and Training of the Ciater Model Kostratani BPP.

In the discussion and at the same time at the Head of the Head of ICECRD will seriously carry out the accompanying mandate by maximizing existing resources in order to succeed Kostratani for food self-sufficiency / food supply for 267 million people, farmer welfare (productivity, quality and continuity) and boosting exports. In addition, ICECRD hopes that there is a need for synergy and good cooperation in the process of implementing activities, especially support from the Agriculture Office, extension agents, district / village apparatus and IT technology support.

Furthermore, the Secretary of the Agriculture Service Dra. Nenden Setiawati, M.Sc., welcomed the arrival of the Kostratani team of the ICECRD and was ready to work together and fully support Kostratani activities as well as the implementation of socialization and training which will be held at BPP Ciater District (12/08/2020).

In the socialization and training of the Kostratani model of BPP, 25 participants will be attended from the elements of the Head of the Agriculture Service, Head of the District, Danramil, Kapolsek, Babinsa, Village Heads, extension agents, heads of farmer groups and farmers. The material to be delivered is related to Kostratani policies and programs, the use of information technology (IT) as a communication and extension media, and online-based social reporting steps connected to the Argriculture War Room (AWR) of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Syafaruddin emphasized that according to the direction of the Head of BPPSDMP, the output of the training must be connected to BPP data and information with the Ministry of Agriculture’s AWR before August 16, 2020. These activities run effectively and smoothly and the results of socialization and training can be a trigger and enthusiasm for field implementation in accordance with Kostratani’s objectives and agricultural development, namely advanced, independent and modern, added Syafaruddin. (Anjas)

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